Seriously. UP series.


I have heard about it something but never had a chance of watching. An “UP” series directed by Paul Almond is a remarkable documentary witnessing the lives of people starting from 7 years of age up to 56, filming them every 7 years. I was reminded about it recently in connection with the name of my project, which apparently has nothing to do with the original series, but I am mesmerized by it these days, watching a series after a series. What other “serials” you might need than real life stories. Some credit that this experiment had contributed to developed of real TV shows. Well.

So far I could find only few of the documentaries published online. Here is one of them in full (21 UP) to give you a glimpse.

While watching it I caught myself on few thoughts. One is indeed, how pre-determined we are by our upbringing, class, geography, roots, influence of the family. But mostly what tickles my mind in regard to my own “30UP” project is how we can influence it if realize the opportunity. What if somebody would be filming your life, what would you life the scenario of your life be? What if you are filming your own life, look into retrospective and reflect on is that you originally wanted your life to be, is there anything you can do about it right now. If you are filming your own life and look into perspective, what do you want to see in 7 years and eventually by the end of the film?