Out. Out of Comfort. Zone.


It feels awkward to realize that I am living the last days of my office life, last days for the next year at least. I know exactly the time to leave home so to avoid traffic. I can drive the office-home circuit even if highjacked with closed eyes. It’s been seven years with the same company.

It still feels very cosy-comfortable: a nice-view office, a super cute company car purchased per my desire, your own team of people ready to act, familiar faces every place you go, a morning friendly nod from a security guy, knowing exactly where to buy those round melting sweet buns, dine-n-wine friends long conversations, a runway collection of shoes. Eh, will I miss shoes the most? Mixed feelings. As much as I hate the routine, the same I am scared of loosing it. That’s what you call going out of comfort zone, I assume. 

And I almost do not realize that as of next Monday I will no longer have to follow the weekdays routine. In the same way, I feel thrilled for the unknowness of the future.