Cape Town – The Rule of a Thumb


At first I thought it’s a luck. Then – it’s a coincidence. But after the fifth time – it’s a rule. As my former boss used to be saying: “1 time is an accident. 3rd time is statistics”. So Cape Town is to me a statistically the friendliest city so far. It’s a fact.

First time I asked for the directions at the street, a person walked me to the point. Second time, a person told walked me into the bus and instructed the bus driver where to load me off. Third time a guy in the bus met me the next day with the maps and gave a detailed point-by-point guidance on where to go, when, how to get there. Just because. Just because people in Cape Town are the friendliest to travelers. Is it the natural empathy? What makes people in certain locations be more empathetic than in the others? And it’s not about the geography, I spare that argument. Geography conditions many things but the empathy? I don’t really have an answer to this question yet.

It is 5th day in Cape Town, and every day I meet people who just give a hand by showing around, meet for a coffee, make you a dinner, invite for an art event. It happens just so naturally, just so as it has to be. Just as I would do it myself if hosting or meeting people in my home town.

With this “just because” post I want to say Thank You, People of Cape Town! For just being the way you are.

Thank you Markus, for being so random and so kind.
Thank you Markus, for being so random and so kind.