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Drive around Western Cape
Drive around Western Cape

Two weeks in Cape Town and I am totally blown away by the place. So blown that I wish I have all of my friends and friends of friends to be here to be able to share the joy, the beauty, the magnificence, as much as the warmth and hospitality of the people. Every new turn on the road is the visual blast, every new encounter is a heart-warmer, every bite of food is a treat. Besides, coming back to the English-speaking environment is a relief, the pain is driving on the «wrong» side of the road, yet the driving is nice by itself, «I like».


However the travel plans have been distorted from the original idea of traveling the African continent. Firstly, because of the Ebola threat: airlines have already closed some virus affected areas. Secondly, the visa struggle with the Indian consulate: it took them 2 weeks just to accept the passport and still I am not sure if it is being processed. I only hope the gods of travel are willing, but if they are not, then I am to go with the flow and change directions to explore those African countries which are still open for travels. Thirdly, simply I got homesick: I remember it happened on the 3rd month of the travels, now on the 6th month — is the second «rush». But because I am staying with such a wonderful family, and I’m blessed to meet great people along the way, I feel truly cared for, thank you.

TEDxCapeTown 2014
TEDxCapeTown 2014

One of the highlights of my stay in CT was attending the TEDxCapeTown event. It was one of the firsts «other» than «mine» TEDxes elsewhere and should I tell you that I was impressed and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The City Hall gathered 700 people who have passed through the selection process and paid the attendance. From the organizational point of view everything was impeccable: the communication before the event — great welcoming emails with detailed and cheerful instructions, the apps, the everything; the smooth registration; the stage, sound, video; the coffee breaks, the food, the vegans; and… what is most importantly — the speakers. 16 speakers. All obviously very well coached and prepared. All obviously passionate and to the point. 16 ideas appealing, striking, often very emotional, often fun. As soon as the team will publish the videos I will make sure to share the ones I loved most.


What is important today is the «x»-gene people I find around the Globe. Yes, even though I have kinda invented the term which for me stands for the «unknown» gene which unites the change-makers and curious minds, but mostly it could be rooted from the «X» in the TEDx — people who do the TEDx-es. What drives them? What motivates? The opportunity and the zeal to facilitate positive change in their communities, to spiral new ideas, to pivot new conversation topics, to create the space and the platform where the like-minded but diverse people can meet and collaborate, where the new ideas can come from. To witness the magic of the birth of the new universes. The sense of belonging to the community which is simply good and willing. Читать далее Put Up Your Flag

Cape Town — The Rule of a Thumb

At first I thought it’s a luck. Then — it’s a coincidence. But after the fifth time — it’s a rule. As my former boss used to be saying: «1 time is an accident. 3rd time is statistics». So Cape Town is to me a statistically the friendliest city so far. It’s a fact.

First time I asked for the directions at the street, a person walked me to the point. Second time, a person told walked me into the bus and instructed the bus driver where to load me off. Third time a guy in the bus met me the next day with the maps and gave a detailed point-by-point guidance on where to go, when, how to get there. Just because. Just because people in Cape Town are the friendliest to travelers. Is it the natural empathy? What makes people in certain locations be more empathetic than in the others? And it’s not about the geography, I spare that argument. Geography conditions many things but the empathy? I don’t really have an answer to this question yet.

It is 5th day in Cape Town, and every day I meet people who just give a hand by showing around, meet for a coffee, make you a dinner, invite for an art event. It happens just so naturally, just so as it has to be. Just as I would do it myself if hosting or meeting people in my home town.

With this «just because» post I want to say Thank You, People of Cape Town! For just being the way you are.

Thank you Markus, for being so random and so kind.
Thank you Markus, for being so random and so kind.

«Медленное озарение»

20 часовой «перелет» из Рио в Кейптаун. Приглушенный свет, наконец все поели, сходили в туалет, наступила небесная ночь. Люблю эту тишину кабины самолета, которая и не тишина вовсе, а такой глуховатый гул, в котором как интершумы просачиваются разговоры попутчиков, и ты их не слышишь, только «бу-бу-бу», повисают как шарики, нарисованные в моей голове над их головами — знаете, такие, которые в комиксах рисуют у ртов героев, с их фразами. И вот весь салон спит, изредка снуют вдоль проходов стюарды, надеясь на недолгий сон, и пара «шариков» над головами неспящих, говорящих пассажиров. Я тоже не сплю.

Я в затруднительном положении. На дворе — золотая середина моего путешествия, а я ментально все еще в начальной точке. Словно и не было этих пяти месяцев. Куда они делись впечатления и эмоции путешествия? Почему остались только вопросы, обращенные к солнцу и ветру и ясеню по утру? Где все уроки и моменты просветления, полученные от встреч и открытий? Будто растворились как гранулы соли в воде сознания, но концентрации недостаточно, мало мыслей, нет решений. Хочу озарения! — кричу я сама в своей голове и гневно стучу ножкой по своим мозгам. Кажется без каблуков.

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